LAVORO LLC welcomes everybody who identify as pro in audio-visual home entertainment, automation and control business.

LAVORO is incorporated as a distribution company that imports world-famous manufacturers of consumer audio-video equipment from the USA, Europe and Asia.

Consumer electronics market, being one of the most dynamically developing and technologically saturated sectors of the world economy, requires deep specialized competencies from participants in this market, both in technical and marketing areas.
Special products belonging to the Home Automation and Control category require mandatory support in the form of a qualified installation and configuration service when sold.
In addition, the group of consumer electronics called High-Fidelity Audio is characterized by a certain consumer conservatism and subjectivity, which requires the business to clearly understand the peculiarities of the formation of consumer preferences.
Why LAVORO is good partner for you? There are several reasons:
• a long-term business partnership between the co-founders of LAVORO and leading manufacturers of home audio-visual entertainment and automation products, which will open the UAE market to many new brands
• possession of modern technologies of on-line marketing and promotion, which will quickly convey information about the products sold by the company to end consumers
• the ability to involve highly qualified engineers in setting up and programming equipment with offering competitive prices for their services, which will make the offer for the end user really attractive
You will fall in LAVORO with us!
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